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Ketches and sketches

When I was invited to give a talk at the London Boat Show on marine art, I faced the challenge of making a half hour slot as useful as possible. What I came up with is my ten tips for sketching boats, which I promised the audience (delightfully attentive and well behaved!) that I would continue reading »

Paddles and pedals

It’s the time of year again when I blog about Beale Park Boat show – that sunny weekend of catching up with all that is eccentric and quirky in the sailing world; where Wharram catamarans, coracles and electric canoes share a lake with miniature schooners, steamboats and a one-man home made submarine.  Everything was in continue reading »

Boat shows and bean bags

More years ago than I care to admit, my flatmates and I discovered sailing.  Being young and impoverished we shared the cost of charter holidays in the West Country, happily ignorant of the fact that a seven berth yacht is not really designed for seven people. We chartered out of season when prices were low, continue reading »

Plain Sailing

It’s boat show time again; we’re here in Southampton for ten days of mixing business with pleasure, trying to sell stuff, meeting up with old friends and finding out what’s going on in the sailing world.  So this post  is a few snapshots that for me sum up what the show is about – not continue reading »

Old boats and new books – and a pirate or two

Who stole August?  I’ve done so well posting at least a blog a month, and somehow this year it was July one minute and September the next.  Various domestic dramas and setbacks have intervened this summer, it’s true, but with each year that passes why do the days go faster with more stuff in them? continue reading »